Naima Kasbaoui, veterinarian and PhD student in Animal Behaviour and Welfare



My name is Naima Kasbaoui. I’m a veterinarian, undertaking a PhD in animal behaviour and welfare at the University of Lincoln. I am studying the impact of a specific containment system on cats’ welfare, alongside with my colleague, Kevin Mahon.

The first part of my project is to study the risks for a cat to go outside, using two approaches:

–        A human based approach, consisting in a very intense survey of pre-determined areas, asking questions about cats, containment and the risks for them to go outside, according to people living in the community.

–        A cat-based approach, equipping cats with GPS to collect data about what they do when they are outside.

The second part of my project is to study the emotional state of cats exposed to electronic boundary fence system, again using to approaches:

–        First we will study cats that are already exposed to the system

–        Second we will study cats that will be exposed to the system because the owner decided to install it, and we will study them both before and after the installation


More information to come about the project in the newsletters !!